Transaction Fundamentals
  • 26 Jul 2022
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Transaction Fundamentals

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Transaction Fundamentals

60 Minutes Each - 4 Sessions - Wednesdays at 9am Pacific - The Brivity Transaction System was the original part of Brivity and is the core of Brivity technology. The first release of Brivity software was built only as a Transaction Management system and has continually improved in transaction automations since then to become the leading Transaction Management tool in real estate - saving you 50-75% of your time!

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Topics Covered

  • Managing outbound and inbound calls and texts
  • Templating, automating and manually sending emails
  • Automating and manually sending text messages
  • Automating tasks
  • Manually adding tasks for each teammate and role on your team
  • Managing upcoming, past due and completed tasks
  • Keeping a timeline of dates, tasks and events
  • Using Custom Dates and Times to automate tasks and communications
  • Using Custom Roles to automate tasks and communications to teammates
  • Using Custom Properties for custom transaction fields
  • Using Placeholders in email templates
  • Using Placeholders in text messages
  • Adding and pinning Notes in transactions
  • Managing advertising and marketing
  • Managing transaction financials

What You'll Learn

  • Setup of fundamental aspects of Brivity in our accounts QUICKLY
  • Use of Auto Plans for transactions and people
  • Promote the use of tech as leverage along with current or future VA’s to handle tasks efficiently and inexpensively
  • Increasing the focus of money-making activities for operations hires
  • Creating consistency for your processes

This Training is Ideal For

  • Transaction Managers
  • Admins
  • Team Leads
  • Marketing Managers
  • ... and anyone who manages transactions!

Transaction Fundamentals Recordings

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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