Enhance Listings on a Brivity Website
  • 21 Jul 2022
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Enhance Listings on a Brivity Website

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This website builder feature is deprecated.

Enhance the listings on your website with Matterport Tours, branded virtual tours, and add unlimited photos.

What is Enhanced Listings for Your Website?

Enhance Listings on Your Website

Step 1: Brivity Website Builder Login

Log into the Brivity Website Builder here.

Step 2: Listings Settings

In the top menu, select 'Listings'.


Step 3: Edit MLS Info

Select 'Edit MLS Info'.


Step 4: Add IDs

Add an 'MLS Agent ID' or an 'MLS Office ID'. (Be sure to add at least an Office ID). Select your 'State' and 'MLS'. Click 'Add MLS'.

Depending on your MLS this could take a few moments for the MLS field to populate.


Step 5: Sort by Status

Properties should load on your page. You can now sort by 'Status'.


Step 6: Edit Listing

Hit 'Edit' on any listing to enhance it.


Step 7: Enhance Options

Enhance your listing! You can:

  1. Embed a Matterport Tour. Learn more at Matterport.com.
  2. Add a branded virtual tour. It will replace the generic MLS tour, if there is one.
  3. Use the photos from your MLS, or add your own unlimited high-res photos!


Bonus Feature:

You can manually add listings to a Brivity Website. We call them 'Exclusive Listings'.

These are listings that not in your MLS like "Coming Soon" listings or "Pocket Listings." 'Exclusive Listings' don't show up in your website searches for other listings, instead they will be featured in a block on the main page of your website.

There is an option when you enhance your listings to 'Make Exclusive'. In this case, the property will remain in the search area as well as be added to the 'Exclusive Listings' feature block on your main page.



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