Create Website Links for Your Agents
  • 08 Aug 2022
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Create Website Links for Your Agents

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Each agent on your team can have their own version of your website (or, subdomain) to promote, share and advertise to their own contacts and sphere. These agent websites are a mirror image of your primary site, except they will feature the agent's name, photo and contact information so they can attract more leads and have them automatically assigned to them in the CRM.

Admins will need to create agent subdomains after your site has been published to your custom URL. Sites can not be created if your domain has not been published.

Step 1: Configure IDX

Navigate to the 'IDX Configuration' page by hovering your mouse over the left-side navigation menu and selecting 'Settings', then clicking 'IDX Configuration'.

Step 2: Fill Out Agent Info Form

  1. Select an agent from the 'Select Teammate' drop-down menu
  2. Type the agent's first name in the 'Agent Website' field (use lower case letters only)
  3. Add the agent's bio (this step cannot be skipped)
  4. Then click 'SAVE CHANGES'

Once configured, the agent can use their site to advertise and attract leads!

It may take up to 20 minutes for the user site to begin working. If your subdomain does not work in 20 minutes, please contact

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